Join Us in Celebrating Black History Month

The country lived through some very peculiar and unsettling times in 2020 that included: social unrest, a global pandemic, and a shift of political administration, to generally mention a few memorable moments.

There were times when we wanted to engage in the conversations and did not.

Oak City Hemp has been and always will be about THE PEOPLE…ALL people. We don’t have to do it for a ‘show’. Oak City Hemp has always..been inclusive, fair and open & receptive to all.


2021 has already revealed much and with that being said, Oak City Hemp chooses to begin with an embrace through celebration. February is historically designated for Black History Month, HOWEVER, we have learned much about history and also know that Black History is being made every day.

Oak City Hemp has been fortunate enough since our 2017 inception into the North Carolina Hemp Industry to meet many trailblazers of color (ToC). Please join us this month, in CELEBRATION of Black History Month, with getting to know a few of our industry friends and partners. Each week we will feature a ‘THEN’ Black History moment and ‘NOW’ current Black History moment for us ALL to learn and GROW.

-OCH Team

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