Industrial hemp is one of the oldest plants farmed and domesticated in human history. Hemp, or cannabis sativa, has been selected and bred for its taller height, fibrous qualities, and overall tensile strength. Hemp has only trace amounts of THC when compared to cannabis, marking it as an industrial plant using 1/3 the water of cotton. Its viability as a major commodity is being increasingly recognized across America. Farms in Europe have been growing, manufacturing, and sustaining economies with it for years.

Beyond its history and the stigma of cannabis are the possibilities of hemp that are still left undiscovered. While we make no medical claims, we urge you to speak with your doctor while educating yourself before ingesting ours and any other products. We offer only hemp extracts derived from mature stem stalk and seed, in accordance with FDA and laboratory regulations. You can expect our products to have trace amounts of THC at the legal level of 0.03 percent or less by volume.

As the medical community continues to study this plant, the psychoactive substance THC (tetra-hydra cannabinol) is no longer an issue in cannabinoid extracts as it has been in years past. This has allowed for more testing and peer reviewed studies to become available in medical settings. We can surely look towards a bright future for this plant in the medical industry.